Meet new people & share interests

Discover new people with your interests within a radius of 1,000 km. Choose from over 100 interests and get perfect matches. coopz is not a classic dating app, we connect people with the same interests.

Radar & distances

On the coopz radar you can discover all persons or your friends in your area. You decide for which target group you are visible. With a simple click you switch visible. At coopz, friends are shown in the first step only by distances.

Location sharing

Share your exact location with friends or family members for different times. You decide who sees you.

Alerts & Locations

Coopz works fully automatically in the background, you just have to set places and filters. Then get automatic push messages when people with the same interests are in your environment, or people enter certain places you've previously defined. So you can see when interesting people and friends enter places where you often spend time. Sounds good and simple right?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Coopz's main version is totally free of costs. If a user want to have a more detailed and powerful version, you should buy the premium version which costs 19.99 euro per year or 2.99 euro per month.

The "Manual Refresh" function is available only during the time that two friends sharing position to each other. After a user click the manual refresh button, the shared friend has the option to update the user's location as much as it is lasts the sharing process.

When the user select "friends" then he or she will be able to see on the radar page only friends that are added via the device contact list. On the other hand if the user select "meeting new people " then the user will be visible for all and he will have the option to add friends not only from the device contacts but from the strangers list also.

Coopz helps you everyday because you don't waste time for searching people and you can check the distance that is among you. Also you can feel safe for your children, since them are all the time connected to you and you have a better overall overview.

No, you decide for yourself for whom you are visible or not. In the visibility settings you can set 2 types of visibility: 1."Visible only for friends" 2."Visible for all"